Entirely Online This workshop is offered on an online platform. TBL is a tool that can be implemented from anywhere.

$395 The cost of a certificate is covered by this fee. A reduced registration rate is available for UF faculty and staff

July/August 2020 This workshop applies to all educators and will be broken up over four days: July 28, 29 & August 4, 5


Team-Based Learning (TBL)

An engaging flipped-classroom learning method that encourages students to develop skills in self-directed learning; holds them accountable; creates an environment to explore content application with their team members and instructors; and strengthens communication skills

The price of this workshop covers the fee of a certificate in the Knowledge of the Fundamentals of TBL, issued by the Team-Based Learning Collaborative. This online workshop series encompasses all five individual workshops required by the Team-Based Learning Collaborative to complete the certificate. The Knowledge of the Fundamentals of TBL certificate can be used to demonstrate competence in the knowledge of TBL domain for attendees who are inspired to continue their professional development to become a certified TBL practitioner or TBL trainer-consultant. Play Video



Michelle Farland, Pharm.D., BCPS, CDCES

Dr. Farland is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. She has been using TBL since 2008 and has experience implementing it in small and large classes, with large classes of up to 250 students taught using synchronous video conferencing.


Wayne McCormack, Ph.D.

Dr. McCormack is a Distinguished Teaching Scholar and Professor in the Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Florida. He has used TBL to teach biomedical science graduate students since 2006 on topics including immunology, genetics, cell biology, responsible conduct of research (RCR).


Michelle Farland, Clinical Associate Professor and president-elect of the Team-Based Learning Collaborative, discusses her experiences with team-based learning, the challenges, successes, and best practices for any instructor looking to get started on the Teaching Beyond the Podium Podcast Series.